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Lots of sucess stories and happy life transformations, all compliments of Crystal.

The New and Improved Bill Fisher


Before Liber Tea Picture 1Liber Tea Picture 1
200 lbs.

170 lbs.

40" Waist

34" Waist

Cholesterol 207

Cholesterol 143

Bill Before
Bill After


Last year at my annual physical exam, the doctors told me I was overweight and my cholesterol was slightly above normal. So, on December 27th, I decided to start a wellness program and contracted Crystal (also bilingual) to help me improve my overall health and appearance. The plan she advocated needed to be holistic if I wanted to lose body fat, strengthen my muscles and skeletal system, which inevitably would make me feel stronger, more energetic and appear much younger. We developed an eating plan because as she told me it is senseles to exercise and at the same time put poor quality food and drink into my body. She also told me that dieting (reducing my food intake) and not exercising at all would lower my metabolism which would cause my body to go into "starvation mode" and would naturally store fat, thus repeating the yo-yo cycle all over again. In actuality, eating poorly and exercising may be worse for me than not exercising at all. Within four months, Crystal helped me start a program of eating well, doing cardio exercises five times a week and integrating weight/resistance training.


Before and After Vicky Cuddy


vicky before
vicky after
Vicky Before
Vicky After


"Asking Crystal to train me was a big step because it meant I needed help to get the body I wanted. I'd tried a lot of different routines but it wasn't until Crystal that I saw amazing results --30 lbs and six dress sizes lighter, I feel great about my decision. It's not just because I have the energy of a teenager or the pre-mommy waistline that I've always wanted. It is also because Crystal always believed in making my goals a reality, and her great attitude and encouragement kept me from giving up. Listen up ladies -- no facial will ever give you the satisfaction of an hour with Crystal. She finds a way to bring your inner beauty to the surface.

Brian Care's Testimonial


brian before
brian after
Brian Before
Brian After

For years I went to yoga, played tennis and had one personal training session with you every week. I still needed to increase my weekly aerobic activity and strength training as you always prescribed, but I was never motivated to do so on my own. Not until you began offering your daily BodySculpt classes did things begin to change for me. I noticed an immediate increase in strength and energy evidenced in how much easier something as simple as my walk to class became.

The day I nearly fainted in your class prompted a re-evaluation of my blood pressure control program. My weight loss and smarter dietary choices you have always consistently encouraged, combined with my improved fitness level, has allowed me to stop my prescription medication altogether. Your positive and firm support has spurred me on to try to eliminate my cholesterol medication as well. To date, after a little more than four months, I am down nearly 20 lbs and have lost at least 8.5% of my body fat. I am totally motivated to continue this pattern

I don't think I ever really overate....except I guess I did when considering the number of calories taken in by eating and the number burned off through exercise. An unbalanced equation. Doing the simple math meant more calories in and fewer out resulting in a gradual yearly weight gain. Simple. The difficult part is to do something consciously about it. I now consciously choose to include a variety of regular exercise activities in my life, I consciously choose to make the smart choices when presented with a menu, when shopping for things I will eventually put in my mouth and when perusing the contents of my refrigerator.

You have encouraged me to make intelligent choices and so far I haven't become one of those manic, evangelistic converts to healthy living. I don't make others crazy with my born-again healthiness. I don't make myself crazy by denying myself or measuring or counting. I simply work hard with you and because of you and eat more smaller smarter meals during the day. I tend to eat now because it is time to and not because I am overly-hungry, which would only lead to overeating and inevitably desperate inappropriate food choices. I love how the mirror and the scales and my clothes reflect the changes happening in the shape and size and mass of my body. I love how I can do more repetitions of exercises with more weight. I love how I can jump and walk and run higher, faster, longer. I love how people tell me I look great. I hope they mean I don't look my chronological age of 66. They used to tell me I looked "healthy" and we all know that really translates as "you look like you are carrying a little extra weight".

I look forward to many more years of being in control of my well-being, free of prescribed drugs, relying only on regular appropriate exercise, healthy eating and a few natural supplements. Thank you for believing enough in me so I could do the same.

Martin's Testimonial

martin after
martin after
Martin Before
Martin After

I had already begun my weight loss/training program before I met Crystal. I had reached a plateau and could not seem to lose the last 10-15 pounds I wanted to lose.  However, due to Crystal’s smart and effective training methods, a great combination of weight lifting, core training, cross training, yoga and pilates, I was able to achieve a much higher level of fitness as well as leaping over the plateau I had reached on my own.


Joe's Testimonial

joe after

When I was 58 years old, I began training to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro with my son who was 23. Fortunately, I was able to work with Crystal and as a direct result, I had the successful experience of a life-time with my son. Crystal not only worked on my physical training which naturally included conventional strength training and yoga breathing exercises, but she also added regular rigorous mountain hiking behind San Miguel to simulate the realities of summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro. More importantly, and this is what makes Crystal's approach to physical training so unique, she developed my self-motivational strengths and prepared me for the mental rigors of such a feat. There is no doubt in my mind that Crystal's motivational training was as key an ingredient as the physical training to the succesful formula necessary for my personal growth and success.

-Joe Schepps

“These workouts may actually be saving my life.”

carol after
carol after
Steve Before 197
Steve After 174

On Saint Patrick’s Day of 2000, my father died and part of my spirit died with him. I lost my self-control and a great deal of self-respect. I just didn’t care. I just didn’t mind Food became a companion. Other friends soon dropped by, lethargy, complacency, gluttony, greed, sloth, envy, pride, lust, and wrath.. Four years after his death, I was at my heaviest of 222 pounds with a waist of 38”. Then, God knows why, I got motivated. I guess the universe corrects its own mistakes and sometimes brings two people together. I should have gone into this gym from the get go and not wasted so much time.

I asked Crystal for four personal training sessions, just enough to train me on how to use the gym’s weight lifting equipment. I was immediately corrected, inflected, dejected, rejected, and subjected to her greater knowledge. I voluntarily agreed to visit three times per week for one hour. Nine months later without missing an appointment, except for vacations or other job opportunities. Things are a lot different now!

Crystal is way into nutrition and had me take classes from Dr. Mark Anthony. She started me on always eating something healthy for breakfast. This triggered a change in my body’s need to store fat. My metabolism changed. I was no longer hungry all of the time. My doctor, Teri, noticed the change and told me to keep doing whatever I was doing, because it was working for me. She’s considering lowering my anti-cholesterol prescription; we will see how well it goes.

**lost 13 lbs. in 8 weeks!
**dropped 6.1% fat in 8 weeks!
**gained 5.7% lean muscle in 8 weeks!

Fabulous Prehab & Rehab Experience with Crystal

carol after
Carol After

I tore the meniscus in my knee last year and needed arthroscopic surgery to repair it. I needed to wait several months for the surgery. During this waiting time I began to work with Crystal to “prehab” my knee and body for this surgery. I was turning 60 and worried about my capacity to heal. Crystal did a wonderful job of designing a program that would build strength in my affected knee and my entire body to prepare me for surgery and provide me with additional strength to jump-start my rehab phase. The program Crystal designed was totally personalized and would have been impossible to correctly devise without her knowledge and understanding of human kinesiology and pysiology. When working with an injured or post surgical knee it is quite easy to make things worst rather than better with uninformed physical exercise.

I am now several months post surgery and doing very well. I felt the effort I put in before my surgery paid big dividends in the recovery I have made. Crystal continues to design a program that will help me get fitter and stronger. I can see changes in my body and feel that I am stronger and have more endurance. Crystal has also worked out a “fall prevention” program for me that emphasizes balance and strength in my ankles and calves. I know I am much less likely to reinjure myself again thanks to Crystal.

To top things off, Crystal is fun and she makes the time go fast. This praise is spoken by someone who HATES exercise, but when you get such good results it makes it worthwhile. If you want to change your life and not just your body, I heartily recommend you spend time with Crystal.

Carol Latta
San Miguel de Allende, 2008

My "Crystallization" by Margah Lips

In early 2010, my husband and I arrived in San Miguel for our usual three-month sojourn in sunny Mexico. We own a house here and have been happy part-time residents of this beautiful city for several years. I mention the three-month time period because it is an important part of the story of my "Crystalization".

Unbeknownst to my family and friends, I had resolved to make my three months in San Miguel into a truly transformative experience. In the preceding ten years, I had gained weight and was seriously out of shape. Both my cholesterol and blood pressure numbers were too high. My dress size had gone from a 6 petite to a 12 petite. I wouldn't think of putting on a bathing suit and I avoided full length mirrors altogether. At five foot three inches with a light bone structure, I weighed in at an unacceptable 141 lbs. Walking the steep streets of San Miguel would leave me gasping and dizzy. Zumba in the Parque Juarez was next to impossible. My right shoulder rotator would keep me awake at night because the pain was so bad. And at age 63, I felt like the years were literally weighing me down. So I decided to take those three months and go into action.

Crystal Calderoni came into my life in her role as the daughter of friends, Ben and Merry Calderoni. I knew she was a trainer and an actress and had visited her website. I did not realize when I first met her in 2007 how influential she would be in my life. I knew she was affiliated with a gym, but that was all. So in January, 2010, I got her card from her mother, hemmed and hawed for a week or so, and then finally made the call to Crystal, a call that was the beginning of a healthier, lighter and happier me.

Crystal worked with me to create a program combining weight training, cardio, and diet which would help me achieve an eighteen pound weight loss goal within about twelve weeks. I trained with her in the gym two to three times a week, having walked the two miles there and back. I got online advice and calorie information from a website she recommended and followed its guidelines with the idea that a little cheating is allowable as long as I got back to business the next day. By March, I started to notice positive changes in my waistline and stamina. Muscle structure in my arms started to define itself. The pain in my shoulder was gone. An old pair of jeans fit for the first time in years. In photos, my face had lost that puffy look. I knew I was on track. By April, and time to go back the States, I had lost about fifteen pounds. My doctor eliminated blood pressure medication. Sticking with Crystal's plan and training, I lost another thirteen pounds during the next six months. And I have kept the weight off since then.

The carefully designed workouts, nutritional advice, and encouragement offered by Crystal helped me to understand the science behind weight loss. This knowledge has helped me define what it takes to maintain fitness and stay at a sensible weight. I couldn't be happier with the my "Crystalization"! Thank you, Crystal, for everything. I couldn't have done it without your help, support and your unique sensitivity to the individual needs.


Margah Before
Margah After

Thank you Margah for your love and support, I hope that everyones experience can be like yours!

2014 - Buy New Jeans

Being Crystallized

In January of 2013 I had lost a little weight and so my New Year's Resolution was to continue with a healthier diet and hopefully continue the trend in the right direction. I had been doing Yoga for a number of years and while it kept me flexible it really had not done anything to change my shape or help me lose weight. I decided to add some other exercise to my life.

Sometime in January someone posted on the Civil List that if enough old geezers signed up, Crystal Calderoni would start a beginner’s exercise class for them. Sounded like the way to get into an exercise routine so I said I’d be interested and I waited but I didn't get a notice about a new class. In February, I contacted Crystal and there had not been enough interest among us old geezers so I asked if I could come and observe one of her regular exercise classes to see if I could survive. She said yes. I observed and decided that I couldn’t keep up but at least I would start and see what happened. It had been a long time since I had done weight and strength training so I started with the lightest weights.

I bumbled through the classes for a while but started getting better. About the middle of March a few people asked me if I had lost some weight. I had but I don’t think most people noticed. Also about that time I read the book, Younger Next Year and realized I was on the right track but needed to add more cardio exercise so I started walking UP Pila Seca at least four times a week. I also realized that I was going in the right direction with the weight and strength training but two times a week wasn’t enough.

I had never worked with a personal trainer so I decided to sign up for a few sessions with Crystal Calderoni until I felt comfortable with working out in a gym on my own. Here it is months later and I’m still working out with Crystal, still going to her group exercise class two times a week and still walking up Pila Seca. It sounds like a lot of work and it is, but it has paid off. Now people aren’t asking me if I have lost some weight. They are telling me I look great and asking me what I’m doing.

I have to give the credit to Crystal. She is simply an amazing teacher, motivator and trainer. In a group class, she somehow manages to watch everyone for correct form so you don’t end up with an injury. This is quite a skill because she has people at different levels in the class but she knows that one person needs to do the exercise one way because of a shoulder injury or because they are new and the rest of us can do it the regular way. Her class is never the same which I really like because you are constantly using your muscles in different ways. Some days are weight classes and other days are with the TRX. Once I learned to trust the TRX, I love it. It is hard to do but oh so rewarding.

I also highly recommend Crystal as a personal trainer. She is constantly pushing you to do just a little more and then one day you realize that you have gone far beyond what you ever thought you could do. Again, she changes the routine constantly and focuses on different parts of the body. While I had thought about using the gym on my own, having Crystal there to plan my session, watch me so I don’t get hurt and pushing me beyond what I think I can do has huge added value. One of my sons agrees and he tells me not to think about the cost, just do it. So I try to think of it as a part of my health insurance expense but rather than paying if I get sick it keeps me healthy and strong. I am thinner, stronger and I feel younger than I did last year. Some health issues are gone. At my latest checkup my Doctor was very pleased with my condition and I'm able to delete or cut back on some medications I was taking.

So you may be wondering how much weight and inches have I lost. Let’s just put it like this. I haven’t lost as much weight as you might think but my shape has changed dramatically thanks to being Crystallized, I have had to buy all new clothes. I’ve gone down four sizes in jeans since December 2012.

So what is the plan for 2014? Pretty much the same as last year. Eat healthy and continue my exercise sessions with Crystal. Oh....and also buy smaller sized jeans!



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