Love Yourself to Life

I really enjoyed reading the August 3 weight-loss article written by my colleague, Liz Montes, in which she drives home two salient points which are key to maintaining any successful weight loss battle ... Read more

The New Sexy Trends in Fitness!


I know how hectic and time-crunched you are these days. I also feel the effects of our sudden and unexpected economic crisis which doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon. We are entrenched with the multi-tasking events which sweep through our life with an insatiable ferocity.Read more

2013 Resolutions? Disillusioned?


In my 25 years as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I have always looked forward to each new January, the month when couch potatoes get off the couch and go to the gym in droves. We in the industry always see an influx of new students right after the first of the year. But as everyone in my business knows, after January 15, ninety-five percent of the newbies never return, while a mere five percent remain firmly committed.Read more

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